Department of Social Sciences


Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences (DSS). The department is one of the six departments in the School of Humanities at the Faculty of Education and Humanities. The department currently has one program which is delivered online through the university Centre for Distance Flexible Learning (CDFL) mode.

  1. Diploma in Youth and Development Work (DYD)

Besides the DYD program, the department major commitment is to offering interdisciplinary social sciences units, religious studies units and the university generic units (SNU) to support the school of education programs:

  1. Diploma of Teaching (Early childhood, Primary and Secondary)
  2. Bachelor of Teaching (Primary and Secondary)

The department units (social sciences, religious and SNU) bridges the social, physical and spiritual sciences and are designed specifically to prepare and equip teachers well for school experience and quality classroom teaching. A multidisciplinary approach is utilized and strongly encouraged in the unit delivery.

Why Social Sciences?

Social Sciences provide an opportunity for you to study and explore aspects and phenomena of social sciences that interest you. You will develop important knowledge and skills as you delve into events of the past and understand how they shape our future, enhance your analytical skills as you comprehend key concepts of social, political and spiritual to cultivate your interpersonal development as you study.
Our core aim is to help you gain confidence and become competent in the delivery of social sciences and religious education in Solomon Islands schools.

Our Staff

There is an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the department of Social Sciences that will help you to achieve your own personal success contributing to becoming better citizen, making changes and positive impacts to where you will be.

Our Staff

Brenda Sevala Wawah
Head of Department

Lecturer in Social Sciences and Youth Development Work

MRM (DW), PGDip. (USP), BEd. (USP)

Karlmax Saramo
Assistant Lecturer

MA (TKU), BA (NCKU) Taiwan

Helen Maebuta

MA-Dev Studies, PGD - Dev Studies, BEd (USP), Cert in Tchg (SICHE)

Dr. Ben Wate
Senior Lecturer in History and Religious Studies

PhD (Otago) MSc (LSE), BD (PTC), Dip. Theo (Kohi)