Institutional Planning Division


The Division has the corporate responsibility of managing the Strategic and Institutional Plans of the University in collaboration with the Schools and Divisions. The Division is responsible for the development of the University’s strategic and operational plans, including project planning and is expected to provide advice and support to various Departments and Schools in formulating, implementing and reviewing strategic and operational plans. Besides the planning responsibility, the Institutional Planning Division is expected to work with Departments and Schools in relation to policy and system planning and development.


SINU Plans and Policies are transformed into realistic actions with positive outcomes that impacted on Students’ Learning.


Establish planning and reporting processes that ensured good management and fair allocation of resources to Schools and Divisions to support their yearly operational plans.

Core Functions

  1. Lead and coordinate the University’s strategic and institutional policy and planning processes and activities
  2. Oversee the University’s planning processes, including;
    1. Annual operational planning (Budget & Annual Work Plan),
    2. Resource projection, and
    3. Long-term strategic planning
  3. Coordinate institutional planning activities, reporting and analyzing University performance, and conduct institutional studies, surveys and research as needed
  4. Work closely with senior managers and stakeholders to guide the University's policy and planning programs in support of long-range development and strategic initiatives and evaluate institutional effectiveness
  5. Work closely with the Vice-Chancellor in liaising with SIG and donor partners and other stakeholders so that they continue to provide strong support to the University
  6. Oversee sound coaching and mentoring to subordinates and University staff in relation to policy and planning processes and activities.

Organisation setup

The Institutional Planning Division is directly under the management and supervision of the Vice-Chancellor (PVCC). It has four sections. These include Planning & Budget, International Relation, Quality Assurance and Research & Monitoring.


Mr. Darius Darlyn Ramo

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Postgrad Diploma Business Admin, Postgrad Certificate Business Admin, Cert.IV Project Management, Bachelor of Education (BED)

Work Experience: Four years in Secondary teaching (Class teacher & F6 Tutor/2001 & 2006-2008); Eight years as Principal Planning Officer and five years as Chief Planning Officer at the Ministry of National Planning & Development Coordination (MNPDC) 2009-2020.

IPD Staff

Cypriano Nuake
Principal Planning Officer

Master of Business Administration (MBA),

Postgrad Diploma Business Admin

Postgrad Certificate Business Admin

Bachelor of Education(BED)

Jimmy Sinumoana
Senior Planning Officer (International Relation)

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)

Senior Planning Officer (Quality Assurance) - Vacant
Elizabeth Adifaka
Budget Officer

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)

Rosemary Kolosu
Asst. Planning Officer

 Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Official Statistics)