Properties, Facilities & Project Department


The Properties, Facilities & Projects Department (PFPD) of the University is charged with the responsibility to oversee and manage the physical planning and development of SINU’s Infrastructures and facilities. The core business of the department is to provide general support services to both the academic and the non -academic aspects of the university. The PFPD strive to provide best services which effectively manage the corporate service and create an environment that strongly supports the operational and strategic goals of the University.

Our main Core services covers but not limited to:

  • Campus Management
  • Repair and Maintenance of facilities
  • Construction of new buildings and civil works
  • Ongoing infrastructure development project
  • Refurbishment of residential houses
  • Event set-up & services
  • Beautification & landscaping
  • Transport management services
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services
  • Technical support services

Organization Structure


Develop a sustainable, safe, secure, conducive and appropriate Infrastructure and facilities and attractive learning and teaching environment for SINU and its’ Stakeholders


To lead physical built environment development planning and growth at SINU Campuses, provide transport Logistics, ensure Safety and Security of SINU Students and staff & stakeholders, Properties and assets.


  • We work as a team
  • We are sincere and dedicated
  • We take responsibility for getting our job done
  • We value and respect each other and the institution(SINU)
  • We strive for continuous development

Core Services

We are one of SINU’s support Service Departments. The PFPD consists of five units/sections. They are the Administrative and Technical, Properties & Facilities, Transport Pool, Grounds and Security Services

The Department is primarily responsible for Infrastructure Development Planning, Contracting of new works and Consultancy Services Contracts, Repair and Maintenance, Renovation or Refurbishment and Preventative Maintenance of existing Properties / Facilities. We also provide Transport Services from the SINU Central Transport Pool, Campus Grounds cleaning, grass cutting, rubbish and waste collection and Disposal and Landscaping & Beautification Services and SINU staff Housing administrative services. These are done through the various units.

Administration & Technical Services

This Unit is responsible for the overall management and administration of the PFPD Office Operations. This unit also looks after Projects Implementation.Β  It consists of the PFPD Secretary, Administration Officer Housing, Senior Technical Officer and the Manager PFPD.

Properties & Facilities Services

The Repair maintenance team is responsible for all Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, and Air-conditioning & Refrigeration as required and requested from faculties, student’s hostels, catering and dining facilities, Offices and staff houses in all SINU Campuses. All repair maintenance and grounds maintenance within the university.

Transport Pool Services

SINU Central Transport Pool is situated within PCMD. It is responsible for the management and operations of the Transport pool fleet. The unit provides transport services to all schools, divisions and departments.

The transport officer is responsible for transport pool vehicles management including repair and maintenance of the transport pool vehicles.

Grounds Services

This unit provides services which include grass cutting, waste removal, disposal landscaping and beautification.

Infrastructure Development Projects

The Projects team focus on constructing new buildings or infrastructure development projects. Its key role is to provide quality and cost-effective renovation and refurbishment works on building & facilities, conducive to cater for the SINU growing demand on staffs and students facilities.

Director Property (Acting)

Nix Hudson

Mr. Nix Hudson Maekasia