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Welcome to the Solomon Islands National University Flexible Learning Centre!

Dear stakeholders, esteemed students, prospective learners, and dedicated supporters,

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, a warm welcome is extended to all. The purpose is to provide an overview of the remarkable changes happening at the institution, changes set to reshape the landscape of education in the Solomon Islands and beyond.

First and foremost, substantial investments in infrastructure are underway to bring education closer to the community. Facilities are being installed to bring the services and programs of the University closer to the people in key locations including Gizo, Noro, Buala, Malu'u, Kirakira, and Lomlom. This infrastructure will serve as hubs of knowledge and innovation, enabling the institution to reach learners in every corner of the beautiful nation.

A pioneering partnership between the Solomon Islands National University and the Synder Rini Academy, nestled in the picturesque Marovo Lagoon and the North East Guadalcanal constituency, is announced with great thrill. These partnerships exemplify the commitment to expanding educational opportunities and fostering collaboration with local communities. Efforts to form partnerships with North West Guadalcanal and North West Choiseul Constituencies are actively underway, reinforcing the mission to bridge the educational divide.

Starting in 2024, there is a significant enhancement of flexible program offerings, growing from 7 programs to an impressive 13 programs. Exciting additions include the Certificate in Hospitality from the School of Tourism and Hospitality, under the Faculty of Business Management. Additionally, Double Certificates are introduced from the School of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, featuring certificates in Physics-Chemistry, Chemistry-Biology, and Physics-Mathematics. These certificates are designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields. The science certificates lay the groundwork for the Bachelor of Science, a faculty staffed by Solomon Islands academics who have returned to contribute to their own university. With unwavering confidence, an invitation is extended to start or continue a career through either face-to-face or flexible learning modes.

At the Solomon Islands National University, it is understood that flexibility in learning must be complemented by robust academic and non-academic support systems. The commitment is unwavering to ensure that flexible learning students enjoy the same, if not better, educational experience as their counterparts in traditional settings.

In 2024, the introduction of the Flexi-Learning or intensive delivery model provides an avenue for those who wish to fast-track the completion of their program of study. The belief is in offering diverse pathways to cater to unique learning needs and aspirations.

While acknowledging the progress made, there is a full awareness that much more is to be accomplished. However, with the return of dedicated academics to help strengthen the national University, there is confidence at the Flexible Learning Centre that the standards and quality of education will continue to rise.

A collective call is made to work towards building the Solomon Islands National University as the preferred institution of higher learning in the Solomon Islands and the broader region.

Appreciation is expressed for embarking on this transformative journey, with anticipation of empowering individuals with knowledge, nurturing talents, and facilitating dreams, contributing to a brighter future for the beloved nation.

Happy browsing.

Manager of Centre


Head of School

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