The Pro-Vice-Chancellor Corporate (PVCC) supports the Vice Chancellor in providing strategic direction and leadership to the University. The PVCC ensures effective support services for the governance, management and administration of the Faculties, Schools, Centres and Institutes and ensures high-quality support services for the efficient and effective management of the University.

The PVCC is a key Senior Executive Office within the University’s senior management team and is critical to the effective functioning of the University’s Corporate Strategy. The PVCC provides strategic leadership on key issues and oversees the work of key Directors and Managers responsible for progressing both the technical and corporate services and outcomes of the University. The PVCC has specific responsibilities for the direction, leadership and strategic oversight of key corporate areas.

Functional Relationships
University CouncilUniversity business partners
Vice ChancellorUniversity stakeholders
Deans, Directors and ManagersUniversity community
Various University CommitteesNon-Government Organizations
Staff AssociationsDonor partners
StaffInternational Embassy’s

Services Offered by Pro Vice-Chancellor Corporate

  1. Take a leadership role in the formulation of strategic and corporate plans and to ensure that such plans have forward-looking and realistic goals and objectives that can be achieved successfully by the University;
  2. Advise and ensure that the respective directors and managers in the corporate services align their plans and activities to the University’s overall Strategic Plan;
  3. Provide strategic leadership, administrative management and development of the University’s corporate policies, guidelines and plans;
  4. Provide direction, advice, and support in developing the infrastructure and facilities of the University;
  5. Provide direction, advice and support in ensuring that the University expands its revenue base through investment and commercial activities;
  6. Provide direction, advice and support on the ongoing development of information and communication technology of the University;
  7. Work in collaboration with key departments including Institutional Planning, Property Facilities and Projects and, Finance on all project related activities within the University to ensure that these activities are accomplished according to plans;
  8. Ensure that the University properties, facilities, staff, students and visitors are always secure about their presence on SINU properties;\
  9. Work with the Government and stakeholders to ensure that SINU interests are protected and advanced in developments and activities relating to national development interests;
  10. Work to implement the University’s Technology, Industrial and Commercial Park;
  11. Ensure that the Arts Village becomes a vibrant entity of SINU;
  12. Provide direction, advice and support in promoting and marketing the activities, programmes and achievements of the University;
  13. Provide direction, advice and support in establishing and developing a range of on-campus services to staff and students;
  14. Assist in providing advice to the University in relation to establishing, developing maintaining collaborative links with industry and stakeholders;
  15. Promote and maintain a collegial culture within the University;
  16. Ensure the existence of ‘best employer’ practice and ensure equal employment opportunities thereby attracting, developing and retaining high caliber staff;
  17. Provide strategic leadership to promote and ensure prudent and effective utilization of University resources to achieve university objectives and ensure both legal and regulatory compliance;
  18. Ensure sound financial management through best practice in budgeting, monitoring, control and reporting systems, and in compliance with the University’s Finance Policies;
  19. Provide annual appraisal reports of the Directors and Managers in the Corporate Services Departments;
  20. Ensure proper reporting and accountability through the Vice Chancellor to the University Council in relation to corporate services

Pro Vice-Chancellor Corporate

Mr. Shadrach Fanega

Shadrach Fanega is the Pro Vice-Chancellor Corporate. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from USP, Fiji. He was a Pearson Fellow at Carleton and Ottawa Universities in Canada and holds a Master of Arts in Development Economics from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom.

He served the Government of the Solomon Islands for over 38 years. He was Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Finance and Treasury for 14 years and was Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination for 5 years.

His accomplishments and servitude to the Government of Solomon Islands is invaluable. His work experiences encompassed the areas of economic planning, project planning and management, aid coordination and management, government finances management and budgeting as well as economic and finance reforms.



Terere Aaron
Pro Vice-Chancellor Corporate Executive Assistant

Bachelor of Commerce  (Major in Human Resource Management & Management Public Administration)

University of the South Pacific (USP)