Faculty of Business & Tourism Studies


There are two schools that operate under the Faculty of Business and Tourism Studies. The schools are; School of Business & Management and School of Tourism & Hospitality Management. The School of Business and Management offers Business Accounting, Economics and Management courses. The School of Tourism and Hospitality offers certificate and Diploma courses in Tourism, Hospitality and Travel & Tour. The school is also looking at offering a Β Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Programs in the near future.

The faculty has various boards that are responsible for different administrative and academic matters of the faculty and the university as a whole. The composition and structure of the boards are aligned to the organizational structure depicted above. The two notable administrative boards are the Faculty Executive Board and the Schools Executive Boards while the three notable academic boards are the Faculty Academic Board, the Faculty Examination & Assessment Board and the Schools Academic Boards.


Faculty Dean

Professor Elliot Mugamu

Faculty Administration Officer

Name: Ms. Tania Aonima Hanuara
Office: SBM Office Building, Kukum Campus
Office Phone: (677) 42858
Mobile Phone: TBC
Email: TaniaAonima.Hanuara@sinu.edu.sb

Dean of the Faculty

Professor Elliot Mugamu

Dr Elliot holds a PhD in Management from the University of Lusaka in Zambia, a Master of Business Administration from Thames Valley University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Business Administration (joint major) from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji Islands. His undergraduate qualification underscores his deep understanding of Pacific Island Countries.

With a background as a Senior Student Tutor at the Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, Fiji, working under the late Professor Ron Crocombe, Dr Elliot brings a wealth of experience. He is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Governance and Accountancy Institute (Zimbabwe and UK), having met the educational requirements for membership with the New Zealand Division in 1982.

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Dr Elliot has seamlessly operated at the intersection of academic and business practice for over three decades. As an entrepreneur, executive coach, mentor, facilitator, consultant, advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and a non-executive director and Rotarian, Dr Mugamu has a demonstrated history in higher education. His skills encompass curriculum development and lecturing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

At SINU, Dr. Elliot holds the position of Dean within the Faculty of Business and Tourism Studies and serves as a resource instructor in the Master of Education in Educational Leadership Programme. He brings to the institution a wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience, which he adeptly applies to enrich the learning environment. Prior to joining SINU, Dr. Elliot held the role of Adjunct Senior Lecturer at various esteemed universities in Zimbabwe, including the University of Zimbabwe, Catholic University of Zimbabwe, Midlands State University, and the National University of Science and Technology. With over two decades of experience as an MBA instructor, Dr. Elliot's expertise extends across a diverse spectrum of disciplines within the realm of business and management.