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Manual Admission

To gain admission, students must apply to the University through the prescribe forms and the prescribed processes.

  1. Admission Application
    1. Collect Admission form from SAS Office or download and print electronic copies available online at SINU website.
    2. Fill and signed the Admission application Form
      You are required to attach

      • Certified copies of certificates and academic results and transcripts
      • A certified copy of your Birth certificate
      • Scholarships and Sponsor’s letter of agreement
      • A reference letter or any supporting documents
      • Certified copy of passport size photo
    3. Deposit administration fee of $50 to SINU account and receipted the deposit slip at Finance Division for each application form.
    4. Submit the Admission Form with the required documents, and the fee receipt at SAS Office for processing.
  2. Resumption of Study Application
    Students who are granted leave of absence, and students who are absent from their course for more than a year MUST apply for Resumption of Study should they wish to resume studies.

    1. Collect Resumption of Study form from SAS Office, or download and print electronic copies available online at SINU website
    2. Present the completed Resumption of Study form at the SAS front desk
    3. Successful applicants be issued in writing an approved resumption of study.

Enrolment guide

Online Enrolment and Manual Enrolment Guide: Download Here
Online Enrolment site:


  1. SITESA scholarship link:Β
  2. Tina Hydropower Project - Community Based Services Program (CBSP) Scholarship