Support Services


Student Academic Service

The office of the Student academic services reports to the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) under theΒ SINU management structure. The office exists to assist the University in the enrollment of Students, keep
students’ academic data and processed student’s graduation. See more >>

University Library

The library exists to assist the University create and maintain collection in all formats that supports the curricula and mission of schools and the research department. The library also provides bibliographic instruction, Inter-library Loan services and research assistance to students and faculty. See more >>

Business Investment & Commercial Services

This department provide services that are essential for creating atmosphere that is conducive to student while studying at SINU. We offer valuable student support services that student will rely on for an enjoying experience on campus.

Campus Life Department plays an important role in ensuring extra-curricula affairs of students are met, and that students enjoy their stay at the University.Β 

Campus Life Department Office is located at Kukum Campus just next to the Student Common Hall.The Office of Campus Life Department opens at 8am and close at 4.30pm from Monday’s to Friday’s every week.Β See more >>

Finance Department

The Finance Department reports to the Vice-Chancellor under the SINU management Structure. The department is responsible for leading on the strategic and operational management of University finances (both revenue and capital), developing financial systems, policies, procedures, and regulations to meet the development and operating objectives of the University, providing professional advice andΒ guidance for all decisions with financial implications, and for maintaining a high degree of financialΒ accountability and transparency.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department reports to the Vice Chancellor under the SINU managementΒ structure. The Department exists to assist the University develops and implements human resources policies, procedures and practices that will assist the University to recruit, retain, promote and develop high quality professional staff. One of the department's objectives is to assist the Deans, Directors and Managers of the University provide the guidance and leadership within their respective areas and to manage their staff towards achieving the University's objectives, vision, mission and overall strategic direction. See more >>

Course Curriculum Development Department

The Course & Curriculum Development Department (CCDD) is one of SINU’s Academic Support Departments and therefore reports directly to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic). The Department was established in 2009 with a mandate to centralise and standardise all curriculum materials for all the existing schools. When first established, the department was popularly known as the Curriculum & Standards Unit. See more >>

Information Communication & Technology Department

The department exists to assists the University maintains and develop new communication and tech systems. The department was instrumental on the development of the new student management system which was launched on June 2016.Β See more >>

Property & Campus Management

The Property & Campus Management Department (PCMD) of the University is charged with the responsibility to oversee the physical planning and development of SINU’s Infrastructure..Β See more >>