The Maritime Academy prepares men and women for successful careers in passenger transportation, merchant and cargo transportation, international trade, safety and rescue and other maritime sub-sectors.

  • The Academy is made up of the Nautical Department and the Marine Engineering Department. The Department of Nautical Studies is located at Ranadi Campus while the Marine Engineering Department is at Kukum Campus. The Academy offers training in maritime occupational health and safety, maritime studies, marine nautical studies and marine engineering.
  • All students who are attempting Certificates of Competency are responsible for contacting the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration to ensure that they qualify for the external examinations before applying to the School for the courses. Applications are done by filling the SINU Application Forms and are sent to the Student Academic Services Office. Placement in any course is confirmed only when registration is done and fees are paid. Please note that our courses are run only when the required number of students is enrolled.

A major component of training in maritime and marine engineering is sea time training. All students undertaking studies in maritime and marine engineering courses are required to complete 12 months of sea time training terms before progression on to the next level of their training.


Programs Offered

Programs offered by the Maritime Academy are as follows:

Maritime Studies Programs
  1. Basic safety
  2. Advanced Safety
  3. Basic Maritime Studies
  4. Class 6 Master/Engineers
  5. Class 5 Master
  6. Class 4 Master
Marine Engineering Programs
  1. Advanced Certificate in Technology – Marine Engineering
  2. Class 5 Marine Engineering
  3. Class 4 Marine Engineering


Head of the Academy

Captain Starling Daefa

Captain Starling Daefa has more than thirteen years of work experience sailing the seas of Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Solomon Islands working onboard different liners of various Shipping Companies. Captain Starling Daefa joined the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education in the School of Marine and Fisheries Studies in 1989 as a maritime educator teaching navigation, chartwork and nautical knowledge. Starling Daefa also held positions of Director of Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Studies, head of school, course coordinator and lecturer. Starling served SICHE and now SINU for nearly 30 years.