The School of Transportation (SOT) consists of the Maritime Academy and the Department of Automotive Engineering. The SOT provides training for the shipping industry and the land base transport industry. The industries the SOT provides training for are key economics and development industries in Solomon Islands, hence, the role the School plays is very important.   It offers training for maritime studies, marine engineering studies and automotive engineering training. The main focus of the training provided in SOT is competency based training. Competency-based training gives the students the opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills for careers in maritime industries and the automotive engineering industry. The training is designed to make students confident in the skills and competency level so that they will perform to the standards expected in the industries when they are recruited.

The School is located at the Ranadi campus on the Prince Philip Highway about 3 kilometers from the Honiara City Centre towards the airport. It is situated on the seafront. The school is accessible by public transport and accommodation is provided for students who need them. Students who are accommodated at the School have to pay more.

Head of School


Captain Starling Daefa

Captain Starling Daefa has more than thirteen years of work experience sailing the seas of Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Solomon Islands working onboard different liners of various Shipping Companies. Captain Starling Daefa joined the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education in the School of Marine and Fisheries Studies in 1989 as a maritime educator teaching navigation, chartwork and nautical knowledge. Starling Daefa also held positions of Director of Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Studies, head of school, course coordinator and lecturer. Starling served SICHE and now SINU for nearly 30 years.