Department of Secondary Education


The Secondary Education department provides units that form core pedagogical and professional study areas for trainees pursing teaching as a career at the secondary level of schooling. A grounded understanding of the growing adolescents’ development, and its range of learning capabilities is explored through various education psychological theoretical frameworks forming the basis for the initial year of study. Upon this, student teachers are introduced to developing their professional and pedagogical knowledge, skills and attributes that will underlie their understanding, interpretation and implementation of the national Solomon Islands school curriculum in the teaching and learning environment. Student teachers will also be provided with assessment and evaluation skills, knowledge and tools appropriate for teaching contexts in the Solomon Islands. The department also offers in its final year of bachelor studies topics that enable trainees to critically reflect on selected issues and narratives that can shape and influence their practice. Topics such as, diversity, equity and inclusivity, literacy, technology, disasters and crisis are given consideration. The department also hosts a graduate in education programme that besides providing the essential pedagogical and professional units for teaching at the secondary level, offers certain units that allow trainees in the programme to develop knowledge and skills in certain areas that are significant to their role as teachers. Indigenous education, Community Partnership, Education and Society and Counselling and Guidance are four areas given space in the programme. All in all, the department aims to equip teacher graduates who are professionally equipped and sound in their judgment, informed decision makers, and who are prepared to work beside learners as they journey together towards the future.

Our Staff

Douglas Nathan Walani
Head of Department | Assessment

MEd, PGDEd (Waikato), BEd (USP)

Lydia Maeke Ghemu
Senior Lecturer


Jimmy Carter Malefodola
Assistant Lecturer

MEd, PGD Ed (USP), BTchg, Dip Tchg (SICHE)

Fox Mark

MEthics & Theo (PTC), BTheo, Dip Theo (BPTC)

David Irofooa
Pedagogy, Curriculum and Adult Learning

PGD Ed, BSc (USP), PGCEd (Wolverhampton)