The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) is the science and technology hub of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU). It offers courses in the pure sciences, technology, TVET, and engineering. The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) is transitioned from the former School of Technology and Maritime Studies with the inclusion of the sciences, computing, and mathematics as the new School within its structure. The Faculty is comprised of three schools. The three schools are:

1. School of Science
2. School of Built Environment
3. School of Transportation

The School of Science has five departments with five bachelor courses/programs currently being developed. The departments are biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. The courses/programs are the Bachelor of Science majoring in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. The former Institute of Technology and Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Studies now form the School of Built Environment and the School of Transportation. The departments under the School of Built Environment are civil engineering and surveying, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and building and construction. The School of Transportation has the maritime academy and the department of automotive engineering.

The Faculty of Science and Technology is hosted on three campuses of the SINU. The School of Science is located at Panatina campus and the School of Built Environment is located at Kukum campus. While the School of Transportation’s Maritime Academy is located at Ranadi campus and the School of Transportation’s Automotive Engineering department is located at Kukum campus.

Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Eric Katovai

Dr Eric Katovai is an Environmental Biologist and Tropical Ecologist with a speciality in the area of ecosystem functioning, plant ecology, and conservation and restoration. His current research and publication engagements cover themes on Biodiversity, Climate change, Community and Restoration Ecology, and Land use changes and landscape management in Tropical forests in Southeast Asia and Oceania. His decade-long research interest spans from examining biodiversity, vegetation dynamics and ecosystem functioning in human-altered landscapes to land-use management and restoration of highly degraded forests in Oceania, making him a leading authority in Tropical Forest Ecology in the region. Currently, Dr Katovai is engaged with three research/landscape rehabilitation projects in the country and is keen to see young and upcoming local scientists and academics apply their knowledge in research that is contextualised to meet the needs of our country, the Solomon Islands.

Dr Eric Katovai has also held various administrative portfolios during his 16 years in Academia. He was Assistant Dean of the School of Science and Technology and Pacific Adventist University (PAU) from 2015-2018. He was also Director of Research and Postgraduate at PAU in 2018 and the Biodiversity Conservation Research Group Leader from 2019-2022 at USP.

Dr. Katovai obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Tropical Ecology from James Cook University, Australia, his Masters of Science in Conservation Biology from the University of Queensland, Australia, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Physics and Bachelor of Education in Biology and Physics from Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea.

Dr Katovai is also a qualified Teacher and has taught for four years at the Secondary School level and 16 years in Academia in Australia, Fiji and PNG. Dr Katovai was affiliated with the School of Agriculture, Environment, Ocean and Natural Sciences at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji before joining SINU as Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology on 23 August 2022.