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SINU is now building a register of its Alumni. This register will help SINU keep in touch with all graduates of SINU and its legacy institutions like SICHE. It also will enable SINU to comply with the law. SINU Act 2012 has provision for a representative of the Alumni to be a member of the SINU Council. S12 of the SINU Act provides that there be on the SINU Council โ€œone representative of the Universityโ€™s graduates with degrees or diplomas conferred by the Universityโ€ฆโ€. SINU, thus, needs to build a roll of the Alumni to hold the election to fill this position in the SINU Council.

We invite all graduates of SINU, SICHE and institutions which merged to become SINU, to fill in the forming form to enable SINU to build a Register of its Alumni.


Over the years, there have been a number of Solomon Island people who have acquired higher education qualifications and are working across the world in various fields. SINU now intends to build a Solomon Islands โ€œRegister of Expertsโ€. This register shall contain the names and contacts of all people with doctorate and masters degrees who wish to be listed on the Register. SINU often needs the services of experts to carry out a number of specific activities. The Register shall be useful in identifying potential experts who SINU could approach for specific technical assistance. Occasionally SINU is also approached by the industry and other organizations for suggestions on experts to carry out specific work for them; this Register will be handy in linking the experts to industry and organisations which would require the services of experts. The Register shall be confidential to SINU.

We invite all Solomon Islanders with PhDs and Masters degrees to list themselves on the โ€œRegister of Expertsโ€.

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