Current Students



  1. Graduation
    Academic Policy 2020 section 33.4 โ€“ in order to receive a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or a degree, either in person or in absentia, a candidate shall apply to the Student Academic Service Office (SAS).
  2. Application to attend Graduation Ceremony
    Academic Policy 2020 section 33.5 โ€“ any qualified person wishing to have the certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or a degree presented at a scheduled graduation ceremony shall apply to SAS Office no later than the date advertised for such applications to be made.

    How to apply
      1. Fill in the application for graduation and submit to SAS Office
      2. Select attend graduation ceremony if you wish to have your award presented at a graduation ceremony, or select absentia if you wish not to attend a graduation ceremony. Students wishing to attend graduation ceremony will have to pay for graduation attire.
      3. Attach with the admission application form a fee clearance note and the transcript

Replacement of Certificate and Transcript

Application for replacement of Certificate and Transcript procedure

  1. Apply in writing to SAS Office. Attached receipt of $100 for transcript, or $200 for certificate with your application letter. Deposit payment prior to receipting the bank deposit slip.
  2. Sign and collect certificate and transcript at SAS Office.