Human Resources Department


Welcome to the Human Resource Department! ย The SINU Human Resource Department (HRD) is a strategic department within the Universityโ€™s organizational structure.ย  The HRD is responsible for activities that fall under the following five core functions: Employment Services, Staff Development, Compensation and Benefits & employee and labor relations, Occupational Health and safety, Personnel Administration & Records Management. ย These activities are all linked by a concern for employee well-being and ensuring that there is mutual benefit for both the employees and the University.ย 

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, the HRD strives to attract and recruit, develop, motivate, retain and support a high performing and diverse workforce.ย  Our aim is to foster a healthy, safe, and productive work environment for employees in order to maximize individualsโ€™ and SINUโ€™s potential to become the quality National University it aspires to be.


The HRD provides strategic human resource management guidance and expertise, through policy development and implementation, constructive advice and quality administration services, within the constraints of relevant legislation including; the University's Statutes, the SINU Act, agreements and other SINU policies. Our customer service is based on consultation and communication with Staff and Management of the various Schools and Departments within the University and other partners.

Primary Functions

  1. Employee Relations & Occupational Health and Safety
    • Identifying workplace issues
    • Investigating employee complaints โ€“
    • Ensuring HR compliance with employment laws and regulations
    • Administering employee opinion surveys.
    • Policy development
    • Labor relations
    • Handles employee grievances and assists the Universityโ€™s legal counsel
    • The occupational health and safety aspects including staff welfare regulatory compliance.
  2. Employment Services
    • Human resources planning - Prepare, monitor & control SINUโ€™s Staff Establishment requirements and register on an annual basis
    • Recruitment and selection of staff โ€“ including selection determination and orientation and induction
    • Recruitment
      • from advertising the role to onboarding, ensure police clearance and medical checks for new staff
      • Liasing with departments/schools for staff planning and establishments.
      • Managing employee contracts
      • Liaise with Immigration and labour for visa exemptions and work permits for expatriate staff
  3. Compensation and Benefits
    Manage and administer SINUโ€™s Terms and Conditions of Services for all staff, including wage industry benchmark determination surveys and performance reviews and discipline management

    • Payroll management
    • Administration of compensation and benefits strategy.
    • Compensation strategy positions the company as a competitor in the labor market, which enables the organization to attract some of the best-qualified applicants for SINU jobs
    • Administration of employee benefits
    • Housing benefits and housing related matters for staff
    • Insurance benefits for expatriates โ€“ and potentially all staff.
    • All other staff benefits
  4. Staff Development and Organisational Development
    • Staff development and training coordination and administration
    • Human resource development combines training and career development to improve the effectiveness of the individual, group, and organization.
    • Administer new employees orientation and induction program.
    • Preparing activities for newly hired workers is an essential step for HR to establish the relationship between the employer and employee, as well as help form collegial relationships among co-workers
    • Coordinates skills training and professional development opportunities that
    • Prepare employees for additional responsibilities
      • Coordinate long term training and development of staff โ€“ Align long term training and development program with SIG and other donor scholarship application process
    • Benefits to staff going on training
      • coordinate short term professional skills
    • Development for staff based on each departments training and development plan โ€“ training needs analysis identified through performance management system
    • Performance management system - including providing guidance to supervisors on how to conduct employee job performance appraisals
    • Coordinate and manage the SINU performance management cycle and advice managers/supervisors on due dates for assessments.
  5. Personnel Administration and Records Managemen
    • The implementation of HR administrative policies.
      • Administration and keeping records of all leave applications
      • Administration of HR activities and logistics โ€“ stationaries management
      • Records management - Develop HR filing system for personal files and for all other general files to ensure HR has an effective records management system.


The Director of Human Resources position is currently vacant.