The University Secretariat and Records Office sustains the good governance of the University and is the custodian of the Council records and provides impartial guidance to the Chair of Council, the Chair of Council Committees, Council adhoc Committees and the Vice-Chancellor. It also facilitates the responsibility of connectivity between the Council and Management and Executive Management and senior managers on Council resolutions and outcomes.

Council Meetings and Committees

The SINU Council is the top governance body of the University. The Council is supported by Standing Committees.

The Council appoints the following positions of the University

  • Visitor of the university under Section 8 of SINU Act
  • Chancellor of the university under Section 26 of SINU Act
  • Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Pro Vice Chancellors

General Manager

On 2nd February 2016 Mr Hunupauro became the first Manager of Council and Senate Secretariat.

Prior to been employed by SINU, Mr. Hunupauro entered into the SIG in 2005 as a Senior Administration Officer within the Ministry of Public Service. In 2008 Chris was transferred to the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet and served as Deputy Secretary to Prime Minister until 2011. From 2014 to early 2016 he served as Deputy Secretary to Cabinet.


Ms. Vanessa Hiele
Council Secretary
Ms. Jeraldin Osinari
Assistant Minute Secretary
Ms. Jelrina Eli
Clerical Officer