Information & Communications Technology


The ICT Departmentย manages and operates the university's ICT infrastructure which comprises computers and related software, data networks,ย Telephonyย VoIP system, and telecommunications links. The Department is made up of four (4) sections, viz, Administration, User Support, Networks, and Systems Administration.

One of the long term goals of the ICT department is to increase the internet speed to an acceptable speed to enable the university ICT systems to transition to the cloud so that SINUโ€™s systems and applications are highly redundant and accessible from anywhere in the Solomon Islands and abroad.ย  To achieve this, the universityโ€™s bandwidth has been more than doubled this year (2023). The increase had also allowed installation of more Wi-Fi access points for staff and students in SINUโ€™s three campuses in Honiara. For the first time, students have free access to Wi-Fi in their dormitories and around university study areas. All conference and meeting rooms, offices, and buildings also have Wi-Fi access for university staff.

Presently, the ICT Department is undergoing a modernization and expansion phase to align the university to achieve its mission objectives. Various ICT projects are in their initiation stage. This year at the 10th anniversary of SINU, the ICT department began modernization of all its legacy infrastructure and systems to support the university in becoming a regional up-to-date center of higher learning. This includes upgrade works in the Datacenter hardware and systems and modernizing the network infrastructure across SINUโ€™s multiple campuses. Furthermore, the ICT department commenced working in collaboration with SINUโ€™s Distance and Flexible Learning Department to expand SINUโ€™s presence to our various remote SINU learning centers in the provinces. The remote provincial centers that had been completed and currently running include;

  • Gizo (Western)
  • Noro (Western)
  • Buala (Isabel)
  • Maluโ€™u (Malaita)
  • Kirakira (Makira)
  • Geza (East Guadalcanal)

These expansion into the provinces will continue next year to include more remote sites around Solomon Islands so that all Solomon Islanders have equitable access to higher education services offered through SINU.


Core Services

The ICT Department provides the following core services to the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) community:

  1. University Website and content management;
  2. Student and Staff user access;
  3. Staff and Student Emails;
  4. Online Learning Management System - MOODLE;
  5. Library System and E-Resources online;
  6. Helpdesk Support System for user support;
  7. Voice over IP Telephony System;
  8. VSAT Network support to the remote provincial centers;
  9. Internet and Local Area Network across all campuses;
  10. All University Software Application Systems and Student Management System;
  11. Printers, projectors, zoom and live streaming equipment;
  12. University Datacenter including Replication sites and Disaster Recovery Sites; and
  13. Technical advice to the university in all areas of ICT matters.



SINUโ€™s ICT Department is currently undertaking several major projects to upgrade and modernize the universityโ€™s ICT network and systems. The following projects are currently in progress:

  • Running and installation of fiber cables to all faculties, departments, and buildings in SINUโ€™s three Honiara campuses.
  • Supporting SINUโ€™s Distance of Flexible Learning with setting up VSAT and network connectivity to SINUโ€™s Remote Provincial Learning Centers across the Solomon Islands.
  • Improving
  • Through an MOU signed with the SIGโ€™s ICT Support Unit, work is in progress to setting up SINUโ€™s first Disaster Recovery Site at Lengakiki for SINUโ€™s DataCenter.
  • Setting up and commissioning of the Center for Excellence in IT at the Panatina campus through an MOU with the Solomon Islands government and the Indian government. Work has been completed and preparation is ongoing for inauguration in January 2024.
  • On-going review & designing of Student Management System, Finance, Procurement and HR systems with an aim to improve governance and workflow across all of SINUโ€™s corporate and academic departments.

Director ICT

Mr Dean Foy

Mr Dean Foy assumed the position of the Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) on 23rd January 2023. Before joining SINU, Mr Foy was the ICT Manager at the University of South Pacific (USP), Solomon Islands Campus, from November 2019 to January 2023. He was also a Senior IT Infrastructure Systems/Data Centre Engineer at Daltron Papua New Guinea from 2017 to 2019. Mr Foy was a Team Leader โ€“ Group IT Business Analyst for Toyota Tsusho South Pacific Holding Pty Ltd. Papua New Guinea from 2012 to 2016. He was also the Head of the ICT Department for the National Department of Education, Papua New Guinea, from 2009 to 2012. Mr Foy was also a secondary school teacher teaching IT and Mathematics in various high schools in PNG from 2004 to 2008.

Director Dean Foy holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing from Auckland University of Technology, NZ. He has a Bachelorโ€™s degree in Education, Mathematics and Information Technology from the University of Goroka, PNG. Mr Foy also holds a Trade Certification, Aircraft Avionics Maintenance Technology/Technician from Sydney Airport Qantas Jetbase Aircraft Engineering Apprenticeship Centre, Australia.