Department of Automotive Engineering


The Automotive Engineering department provides training for both the light vehicle and heavy vehicle industries. Courses/programs are delivered in competency-based training which aims to make students become competent automotive engineering mechanics both for light and heavy vehicles. With the changing nature of the automobile industry, the departments focus training on the new vehicle systems and function, especially with the systems and function of vehicles that are currently on our roads. The courses/programs offered at the department prepare students to work in the automotive garages and companies that offer services in automotive and the heavy industries. The department provides modern training tools and equipment that allows students to be trained on the actual industry resources that await them when they find work in the industries.

A major component of training in automotive engineering is workplace training. All students undertaking studies in automotive engineering are required to complete 4 six months of workplace training sessions before graduating.

Programs Offered

Programs offered by the Department of Automotive Engineering are as follows:

• Certificate IV in Automotive Engineering (Light Vehicle)
• Certificate IV in Automotive Engineering (Heavy Vehicle)


Head of Department

Patrick Nokali