University Preparatory College


SINU Preparatory College is a newly established institution of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) that came into existence in 2020. Commonly referred to as University Preparatory College, or UPC for short, its establishment is a demonstration of SINUโ€™s commitment to contribute to the national governmentโ€™s efforts to increase accessibility to post-basic education in the Solomon Islands. Every year we have seen a large number of students completing Years 9, 11, and 12 dropped out from the formal education system because of limited access available in high schools. According to MEHRD PAR (2018, p.29), the survival rate declines as students progressed up the education level. Data provided for 2016 to 2018 revealed that the total push-out rate is highest in Year 11 with 63% in 2016, 61% in 2017, and 58% in 2018. This accounts for more than half of Year 11 students who sat for the Solomon Islands School Certificate (SISC) examinations. Similarly, Year 12 survival rate is just around 50% or less of the total students enrolled in the same period. This means that only half or less than half, of those who eventually made it to Year 12 would get placements in Year 13. SINU management has recognized this need and therefore committed to increasing accessibility to Year 12 and Year 13 education through its University Preparatory Certificate Level 3 (UPC3) and University Preparatory Certificate Level 4 (UPC4) programmes respectively. Both programmes offered instructions under three majors โ€“ Arts, Business, and Science; thus providing students with the opportunity to pursue studies under their respective majors.

Moreover, one of UPCโ€™s primary mandates is to conduct research, develop and deliver quality pre-university programmes at Certificate Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the SINU Qualification Framework (SINUQF). UPC currently offers two programmes โ€”ย University Preparatory Certificate Level 3 (UPC3), andย University Preparatory Certificate Level 4 (UPC4). These programmes are specially designed to help students develop and acquire broad subject content knowledge and skills to prepare them for post-secondary education. UPC1 and UPC2 programmes continue to remain under the mandate of the Centre for Distance and Flexible Learning (CDFL) since their launching in 2018. These university preparatory programmes provide students with an opportunity to create a pathway towards achieving their educational goals.

Education is a human right. Therefore, our team at the University Preparatory College encourages prospective candidates out there to take advantage of this opportunity to create your pathway towards achieving your education and personal goals.

Remember Your Future is Our Priority!!

UPC Directives


To be the best pre-university education provider in the Solomon Islands and the region.


SINU Preparatory College is committed to providing quality pre-university programmes and services that develop well-rounded, independent, and self-motivated students who value excellence and are empowered to achieve their educational and personal goals leading to a fulfilling future within the greater community


Director University Preparatory College

This position is currently vacant.