Department of History


History as an academic discipline focuses on the study of the historical past. It is a storehouse of historical information and data. The Department of History teaches a wide range of topics that cover pre-history, the trend and pattern of human migration and diaspora, contemporary World and Pacific histories, the Solomon Islands history, the impact of colonialism, missionization, politics and governance. These courses of studies give you a sense of appreciation that the prevailing contemporary socio-economic, political and religious environment and its challenges are the resultant effects of the historical past.Β  Β The study equips you with knowledge and specialized skills in historical thinking and scientific research methodologies that can enable you to master the art of reading and interpreting historical information to establish the truth and factual reasons behind the occurrences of the present social circumstances.

Our Staff

Dr. Ben Wate
Head of Department

History and Religious Studies

PhD (Otago) MSc (LSE), BD (PTC), Dip. Theo  (BPTC)

Ms. Vhairi Gegnana Devi

MA, PGD -Governance, BA (USP)

Mr. Andrew Houlia

PGD- History, BEd -History, Dip Tchg Primary, Cert Tchg Primary