Unit Code: SSC601

Unit Title:Β Social Issues and Justice

This unit introduces teacher trainees to study the social issues which are on a rise and are affecting Solomon Islanders. The social Issues will be explored and examined their level of impacts on the current social, economic and the political environments. Consequently, through public policy, the Solomon Islands Government seeks solutions to reduce the negative impacts of these similar harms. In the unit students will explore how social issues can be defined. This includes engaging in theoretical perspectives, different world views and case studies that shape how we see social issues and the effects of different ways of defining β€˜social issues’ across time, space and state. Through learning to analyse how issues are problematized, students will gain insights into the social framing of contemporary policy initiatives. The unit focus is on a range of social problems and the use of social sciences theories to understand the social-economic processes surrounding the construction of problems as social issues and attempts by policymakers to address them.