Unit Code: LAN602

Unit Title: Grammar & Writing

This unit will introduce you to grammar and writing skills.  The best practice for teaching grammar in today’s classroom is to provide grammar instruction in the context of writing lessons.  Decades of research showed that teaching grammar in isolation had no impact on improving how students used language. The best practice in teaching grammar today is to incorporate it into writing lessons. Writing links grammar instruction to the way young children acquire language (Anderson J, 2018).  The unit offers a new approach to teaching writing skills through the study of grammar.  A unit on the structure of Grammar is offered in your first semester so this is the best time to teach you how it is integrated in the Writing Skills.  This is taught this way so that you see the pragmatics of grammar in writing.  This is the best way to teach Grammar – need to be placed in context so that you know they cannot be seen as topics taught in isolation.  English skills are all interrelated so much that you cannot separate them.