Unit Code: HEC601

Unit Title: Food and Community Nutrition

This unit introduces teacher trainee to the field of Community Nutrition. It incorporates the knowledge about food nutrients and nutrition, and its application to promote good health through food and nutrient intake, to achieve community health. Through this study the prevention of nutritional problems and the promotion of health can be realized through organized community efforts.

It is envisage that teacher trainee develops an increased awareness of the theory and practice of community nutrition, including how it fits within the national health framework. This study covers but is not limited to, nutrition programs and policies at the provincial, national, and international levels; food and nutrition security; food culture; and working with diversity.

Teacher trainee is required to apply their nutrition knowledge to identify and address nutrition issues at the community level. A mini research is one medium in which teacher trainee can identify nutrition issue prevalent in a community, design and recommend ways to help address the nutrition problem.