Student Activities

Field Trips

Field trips are an important component for tourism and hospitality courses, where students are expected to undertake fieldwork and contribute to class work and related assessments. Field trips represent opportunities to see and engage first hand with tourism and hospitality sites, and apply issues and themes from what they have learnt in their specific course. Adherence to the policies and guidelines for field trips will ensure positive learning outcomes for all who take part.

The main objectives of the field trips are:

  • To gain an understanding of the various areas and operations of the tourism and hospitality industry
  • To gain experiential knowledge through utilising the various products and services offered by the tourism and hospitality industry
  • To gain the benefit of first-hand knowledge provided by industry practitioners and managers.
  • To assess, analyse and evaluate the hotel or resort operation


Prior to graduation, students complete a  Compulsory Industrial Work Attachment Unit, which we refer to as an Internship Program. Our internships provide students with the opportunity to gain practical work experience in the tourism and/or hospitality sectors and apply their theory-based knowledge in an organisational setting. The internship program represents a full-time opportunity (minimum of 40 hours per week) for students to have an intensive eight (8) week or 320-hour (at a minimum) experience of their academic careers. It is a culmination of course work, prior field experience, and personal aspirations into direct application under the supervision of managers and business owners. Internship period are organised for all semesters.


Solomon Airlines

Guadalcanal Travel Services

Pacific Casino Hotel

Heritage Park Hotel

Conflict Bay, Marau

Rock Haven Inn

Gizo Hotel

Agnes Hotel (Munda)

Honiara Hotel

Auki Lodge (Malaita)

Tanuli Royal Plains, Honiara

Lime Lounge

Mango café

King Solomon


Rumours Food bar (Panatina Plaza)

Tulagi (Central Islands Provincial Tourism Office)

Ropino Resort (Marovo) Western Province

Travel Solomons

Ministry of Culture & Tourism

Solomon Terminal Services

S I Telekom, Honiara (sales & marketing)

Institute of Tourism and Hospitality

Avis Resort, Western Province

Parangiju Inland Mountain Lodge, Guadalcanal

Seaview Guest House, Kirakira

Solomon Islands National University Dinning Hall/kitchen