Are you a Form 5 or Form 6 Leaver and find yourself without a placement to progress on to Form 6 or Form 7 in high school? Would you like to continue with your formal education at year 12 and year 13 levels? Do you want to get the education that prepares you for entry into the University?

If so, the University Preparatory College of the Solomon Islands National University provides an opportunity for you to pursue your academic dreams.

The University Preparatory College offers the following university preparatory programs:

  1. University Preparatory Certificate Level 3 (UPC3 equivalent to Year 12 studies); and
  2. University Preparatory Certificate Level 4 (UPC4 is offered at Year 13 level)

The university preparatory programmes are designed to meet your academic needs in year 12 and year 13 levels and provide you a solid foundation for tertiary programmes.


Ms. Naolah Pitia

MMPA, PG. Dip. In Mgmt., BA in LL/MPA, USP Fj; Dip. In Secondary Teaching (English), GTC-UPNG PNG; Cert. in FAHE, Uni. of Wolverhampton.

Naolah Pitia first joined SINU in 2018 as Dean of the School of Education and Humanities. Following the 2019 restructuring undertaken by the university, she became the first Director of the newly establish SINU Preparatory College, a position she holds from 2020 to date.