Solomon Islands National University Hosts Prime Minister of Vanuatu

Press Release



The Solomon Islands National University (SINU) had the honour of hosting the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Hon. Charlot Salwai, and his delegation yesterday at the Kukum Campus. This visit marks a pivotal moment in strengthening the bilateral ties and fostering educational collaboration between Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.


The Prime Minister’s visit is part of his two-day high-level trip to Honiara, culminating in the signing of the Tirvau Border Agreement between the governments of Solomon Islands and the Republic of Vanuatu. Accompanying the Prime Minister were senior officials from the Vanuatu Foreign Affairs Department.


The programme commenced at 2:00 PM with a warm reception by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Transform Aqorau, and senior management staff, followed by a garlanding ceremony. The Prime Minister and his delegation were then guided to the Kukum Lecture Theatre Board Room for an official courtesy meeting with SINU’s executive management. During this meeting, a token of appreciation was presented to Prime Minister Salwai, highlighting the spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect between the two nations.


At 2:20 PM, an interactive session with the Vanuatu SINU Studentโ€™s Association provided an engaging platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas. This session underscored the importance of student engagement and the role of education in fostering regional cooperation.


A guided tour of the campus followed showcasing the university’s main facilities and the advancements made in providing quality education. The visit concluded at 3:00 PM, with a formal farewell by the Vice-Chancellor and senior management staff.


Reflecting on the importance of this visit, Dr. Transform Aqorau, Vice-Chancellor of SINU, stated, “The collaboration between Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, particularly in the field of education, is a testament to the strength of our Melanesian brotherhood. Our nursing programme, for instance, is a vital area where we can share knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes in our respective countries. It is through such partnerships that we can build a brighter future for our students and our nations.”


The visit of Prime Minister Salwai to SINU not only signifies a deepening of bilateral relations but also sets the stage for future collaborations that will benefit both Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, as well as the broader Melanesian region.