Unit Code: PHY603

Unit TitleThermodynamics

This unit will attempt to broaden, and to deepen the students’ present knowledge of thermodynamics. The emphasis will be on applications and problem solving, as this unit is designed for students who plan to continue their studies in the applied sciences. The unit content will include: 1. Temperature: measuring, temp. and internal energy, temperature scales, thermal expansion 2. Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics: measuring heat capacity, specific heats, absorption and transfer of heat, the First Law of Thermodynamics 3. Kinetic Theory of Gases: an ideal gas, Avogadro’s constant, pressure and temperature, kinetic energy, equipartition of energy 4. Second Law of Thermodynamics: engines, ideals engines, the Carnot Cycle, efficiencies, entropy 5. Statistical Thermodynamics: probability distributions, Maxwell-Boltzmann law. The unit will be presented using lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, directed study, computer assisted learning, experiments, and appropriate audio-visual aids. Problems and laboratory work will be assigned and marked weekly. Close coordination will be maintained among the laboratory, the class work, and the directed study. Problem solving will emphasize the use of calculus methods and computers (numerical techniques).