Diploma of Public Health (Health Promotion)

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed Year 13/Form 7 Arts or Science with B grade in English or
  2. Previous education in Public Health or related field and 2 years of work experience/employment with the Public Health Unit โ€“ MHMS and formal recommendation for further studies by Director Public Health and be less than 40 years of age.

Interviews will be conducted.

Program Structure

Code: HDPH
Title: Diploma ofย  Health Promotion
Duration: 2 years
Core Units: 20 Units
Total Credit Points: 240
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemester OfferedPrerequisitesCredit Points
Year 1
PHH612Introduction to Behavioural Science & Environmental Health112
PHH681Basic Applied Epidemiology112
PHH631Communication & Teaching Skills112
PHH632Principles of Health Promotion112
PHH613Introduction to Computing in Health112
PHH682Basic Biostatistics for Health2PHH68112
PHH633Basic Health Services Management2PHH631 & PHH63212
PHH683Surveillance, Disease Control & Prevention & Disaster Management2PHH68112
PHH634Community Development & Training Methods for Health Professional2PHH631 & PHH63212
HP614Nutrition & Food Safety2PHH61212
Year 2
PHH635Setting Approach & Strategies in Health Promotion1PHH631, PHH632, PHH633 & PHH63412
PHH611Basic Applied Physiology1PHH61212
PHH684Epi Info & Research Data Management1PHH681,PHH682 & PHH68312
PHH685Health Research, Design & Methodology1PHH681,PHH682 & PHH68312
PHH641Health Promotion Practicum 11PHH682, PHH633, PHH683, PHH634 & PHH61412
PHH686Health Promotion & Research Project2PHH681, PHH682, PHH683, PHH684 & PHH68512
PHH636Project Development & Management2PHH631, PHH632, PHH633, PHH634 & PHH63512
PHH637Social Marketing in Health Promotion2PHH631, PHH632, PHH633, PHH634 &PHH63512
PHH638Healthy Public Policy Design & Approach2PHH631, PHH632, PHH633, PHH634 & PHH63512
PHH642Health Promotion Practicum 22PHH635, PHH611, PHH684, PHH685 & PHH64112