Diploma of Nursing

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed Year 13/Form 7 Science with B grade in Science, Math and English or
  2. Trained and working as a registered nurse-aid for a minimum of 5 years with an award certificate from a recognized institution.

Interviews will be conducted.

Program Structure

Code: HDN
Title: Diploma of Nursing
Duration: 3 years
Core Units:  30 Units
Total Credit Points: 360
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemester OfferedPrerequisiteCredit Point
Year 1
HAP611Human Biology 1112
NUR631Fundamentals of Health112
NUR651Social Sciences112
NUR613Applied Sciences112
NUR621Introduction to Nursing112
HAP612Human Biology 22HAP61112
NUR622Nursing Theory & Practice 12NUR62112
NUR632Primary Health Care 2NUR63112
NUR641Practicum 1A2HAP611, NUR631, NUR651, NUR613 & NUR62112
NUR642Practicum 1B2HAP611, NUR631, NUR651, NUR613 & NUR62112
Year 2
NUR623Nursing Theory & Practice 21NUR621 & NUR62212
NUR633Communicable Diseases1NUR631 & NUR63212
NUR661Normal Obstetrics1HAP611 & HAP61212
NUR671Medical Surgical Nursing 11HAP611 & HAP61212
NUR643Practicum 2A1HAP612, NUR622, NUR632, NUR641 & NUR64212
NUR624Nursing Theory & Practice 32NUR62312
NUR662Child Health2NUR66112
NUR672Medical Surgical Nursing 22NUR67112
NUR644Practicum 2B2NUR623, NUR633, NUR661, NUR671 & NUR64312
NUR645Practicum 2C2NUR623, NUR633, NUR661, NUR671 & NUR64312
Year 3
NUR673Medical-Surgical Nursing 31NUR67212
NUR625Nursing Theory & Practice 41NUR62412
NUR663Abnormal Obstetric1NUR661 & NUR66212
NUR652Mental Health1NUR65112
NUR646Practicum 31NUR624, NUR662, NUR672, NUR644 & NUR64512
NUR634Nursing in Remote Areas2NUR631, NUR632 & NUR63312
NUR635Registered Nurse Practice2NUR631, NUR632 & NUR63312
NUR636Population Health2NUR631, NUR632 & NUR63312
NUR681Research & Surveillance212
NUR647Practicum 42NUR625, NUR663, NUR673, NUR652 & NUR64612