Unit Code: FIS713

Unit Title: Farm Design & Field Trip

This Unit assists students to study examples and general principles of fish farming design, structures and systems that are commonly used in aquaculture, and their sustainability, for different selective species. The Unit enables students to transform these farming design examples and principles into practical ways of developing their own farm design and systems that are appropriate for their choice of culture specie(s). The Unit is divided into two (2) parts. In Part 1, students are introduced to farm design and general principles. The topics in this part include; general aspects of aquaculture systems and principles, structures used for aquaculture, the intensity of aquaculture, types of farming systems, plumbing and pumps, site selection and development, hatchery systems and species for aquaculture. Part 2 covers aspects of farm field trips and visits, including the general guidelines (extensions) and protocols for aqua-farm visits.