Unit Code: FIS423

Unit Title: Fisheries Information and Processing Lab

This Unit is structured to help students learn about different methods of fisheries statistical data collection related to catch and effort, fish stocks, fish processing and trade. This helps students identify sufficient, good quality and up-to-date information necessary to provide an adequate basis for policy choices, management plans and evaluations. The Unit is structured under eight topics, which include: the need for data collection; data collection strategies and methods (e.g., sampling design, sampling methods, etc.); type of data to collect (i.e., important indicators and variables); data analysis and storage; and the use of fisheries information. The topics are organized to help students develop a good understanding of data collection, analysis and information determination, from the most basic concepts to a more rigorous and well-developed data handling and analysis methods. The laboratory work involves the use of computers to perform statistical data processing, using appropriate software to access, manipulate, process and report results.