Unit Code: FIS419

Unit Title: Fluid Mechanics and Methods

The Fluid Mechanics and Methods Unit introduces basic concepts in fluid mechanics and provides students adequate knowledge that helps build skills in fluid engineering and management. Students are equipped with skills to ensure quality of mechanical fluids and reduction in the level of defect occurrence in fishing gears. The Unit sets out essential requirements for good use of mechanical engineering fluid; essential prerequisite at all fishing sites. The Unit is designed to adequately prepare students who will be working in diverse Units of mechanical projects to improve faulty gears and other equipment used in water, as well as the conduct of numerical analysis of fishing gears. In this Unit students are assisted to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required in dealing with fluid mechanic related disputes. Student learn conflict resolution methods used in international fluid mechanic conflict cases. Β They instructed on how to teach and develop local contextual approach to avoid dangers of water barriers and create quality resolution. Learners will be able to identify possible conflict situations and how to deal with them accordingly. Effective fluid mechanic methods not only bring about quality work output, safe and informed work environment, but also ensures efficient use of resources, profit maximization and respect for people.