Standards and Quality Office


The Standards and Quality Office (SQO) was established by SINU in ….. It transitioned through the years carrying out different operational roles for the university under different names.

In November 2022, the SINU senate passed a motion to change the name from Quality and Qualifications Framework (QQF) to Standards and Quality Office (SQO).

Under the SINU structure, SQO functions under the mandate of the Pro-Vice Chancellor Academic (PVCA). In its functions, SQO reports directly to the PVCA. It also reports to SINU senate and SINU Council when required.

SQO works closely with the academic faculties and institutes and colleges of teaching and learning. In this role, it supports with the development of new programmes and review of existing programmes. It also monitors quality in the planning, delivery and assessment of units which make up academic programmes. It works to ensure there is adequate resourcing of academic programmes to meet standards and quality benchmarks.

SQO also works closely with the Students’ Academic Services (SAS) to monitor and audit compliance in admission and enrolment processes.


  • Ensure all programmes offered at SINU are of the highest quality and meeting the relevant national and international standards
  • Ensure the processes involved in programme develop are also according to high standards
  • Ensure well-structured and documented quality improvement processes are in place
  • Coordinate the efforts towards achieving quality in all programme developments
  • Strategic management and support of the academic standards and quality assurance across the university
  • Oversee academic quality assurance functions including; course approvals, monitoring and review
  • Ensure that there is regular feedback from all stakeholders including, staff, students, academics, industry experts that ensures the constant improvement of SINU courses and programme (Link to stakeholders – National Government, Provincial Governments, SOEs, private business, industry, partners’ tertiary providers/universities (in the Pacific, NZ, Australia etc.)

How we see our role to support SINU achieve excellence and Quality as a growing university in the Pacific region.

InputProcesses and ActivitiesOutputs and Outcomes
Student Admission

Resources, Equipment and Facilities

Specialist Facilities: Computer labs, Science labs, library
Teaching and Learning:

  • Unit Descriptors & Unit Guides

  • Quality, adequate resource

  • Assessment Plan

  • Exams Preparation

  • Academic Results
Quality graduates to meet national HR need

Quality graduates with SINU graduate attributes
Funding from SIG

Academic Staff

Support Staff
Programme Development & Review:

  • New programmes Initial and Full Proposals

  • Programmes minor and major, external reviews.
Quality TVET and Higher Education Programmes
Support from Donor agencies

Support network nationally and internationally
Registration and Accreditation:


  • National Regulators

  • Regional and International accreditation agencies and professional Bodies

SINU Registration with SITESA

Accreditation of SINU academic programmes with SITESA

Regular audit by professional bodies and regulators

Accreditation with regional and international accrediting agencies

Our Staff

Stanley Houma
Manager SQO

Dip Ed & MEdL Waikato

Humphrey Marau
Chief Quality Assurance Officer

(Master of Laws) (Postgraduate Diplomacy & Int’l Relations)

(Bachelor of Laws) (Professional Diploma in Legal Practice) 

Barrister & Solicitor High Court of Fiji

Venessa Bokabule
Clerical Officer

Cert. in Secretarial Studies (SICHE)

Gloria Tome

Certificate in Secretarial Studies (SICHE)