Learner and Centre Support

Welcome to the Learner and Centre Support (LCS).

The Learner and Centre Support [LCS] is the biggest section of the Centre for Distance & Flexible Learning. Its core role is to provide support to learners who are studying at the main Centre in Honiara and in sixteen (18) sub-centers throughout the country. The supports include:

  1. Learning Materials. In collaboration with PDP, LCS provides learners with study materials and ensures that these study and learning materials are prepared, ready and available to learners during registration.
  2. Tutorial Support – LCS provides tutorial support through virtual classroom learning and is responsible for scheduling and coordinating tutorials support for learners.
    1. Tutorial Support
      LCS provides 5 hours per week per unit for learners who are enrolled in all programs offered through CDFL. Currently, there are full-time and part-time tutors who are providing this tutorial service and support.
    LCS provides the following support to Sub Centers throughout the countries:

    • Coordination of applications and enrolment process in the provincial subentries
    • Coordination of packaging, shipment of course materials
    • Receiving and data of learners’ assessment
    • Assist with hiring of tutors and tutorial sessions
  4. ICT. LCS does also support learners with ICT. Honiara center has a computer lab where learners use for Basic Computer practical sessions and are scheduled while observing Covid19 protocols
    • Virtual classroom and online learning.

    Virtual Classroom Learning is the latest support LCS provides to its learners. The following online apps will be used for online tutorials:

    1. Zoom - This is the main delivery mode for the tutorial, virtual face-to-face and conferencing on scheduled appointments
    2. Whatsapp - this App will be used for interaction between tutors and learners at an unspecified time during the day to communicate activities and discussion topics. Through WhatsApp, learners will be grouped into a community of learners for their interaction.
    3. Edmodo - CDFL will use this Learning Management System to upload assessable tasks, feedback, tutorial notes and recorded tutorials, live streaming, announcement and helps manage communication with learners.
    4. Moodle


    LCS is also engaged in admission and enrolment process.
    Enrolment for all programs open throughout the year. For University Preparatory Certificates 1, 2 & 3 programs the enrolment is on semester basis while for High Qualification the enrolment is on trimester basis.

    For Enrollment requirements, certified copies of school certificates, transcripts and other necessary documents specified in the application must be submitted with the application form.

    You can download the Application Form Here. Or visit the DFL Centre at Panatina Lower Campus and our provincial centers and sub-centers to access this document.

Obed Zutu

Campus Coordinator