Unit Code: ES109A

Unit Title: Historical, International and Local Perspectives of Early Childhood Education

This unit will investigate and analyse a range of philosophical ideologies and theories that have influenced early childhood care and education services locally and internationally. It will assist teacher trainees to analyse the historical, cultural, social, economic, and political conditions from which different early childhood services have developed within Solomon Islands, and identified countries such as New Zealand and Italy. The unit will encourage teacher trainees to reflect on the rationale, structure and policies underpinning the development of the range of early childhood education services in the Solomon Islands and in other identified countries. It will also help them to evaluate the historical, cultural, social, economic, and political contexts of their work in the sector of early childhood education in the Solomon Islands. Furthermore, teacher trainees will be required to carry out a research and present a seminar on the international perspectives and models of early childhood in any country of their choice, but not Solomon Islands.