Unit Code: EDU714

Unit Title:ย Teaching Experience

EDU714 is Teaching Experience (TE) for in-service teacher trainee. This unit is recommended for teacher trainee who have attained their first Degree in any reputable University and have taught in secondary schools but without teacher-education qualifications. This unit is one of the major components of Graduate Diploma in Education at the School of Education with value of 45 credit points.

During TE, teacher trainees will carry out teaching duties for a period of ten (10) weeks in selected secondary schools around the country in their final semester of study. The ten weeks TE period provides the opportunity for students to apply, refine the ideas/philosophies and teaching methodologies learned at the SOE. Besides implementing these ideas in classroom teaching, teacher trainees are also required to complete a range of specific practical tasks designed to effectively relate educational theory to practice. It is during the teaching experience period that the Staff of the School of Education will visit school to assess teacher traineeโ€™s performance as required by the University.