Unit Code: EDU609

Unit Title:Β Phonics & Vocabulary

EDU609 unit will enable you at the Diploma level to teach β€˜Phonics Sounds of English Language at Preparatory, Junior Primary and Senior Primary levels.Β  This will include sounding of alphabetical letter sounds and listening skills to sounds, phonological awareness and Phonemic awareness.Β  As well as learning the relevant subject knowledge, student teachers will learn how to plan, teach and assess the content in an interactive and stimulating environment at each level. The student teachers will develop skills and strategies in teaching phonics effectively by using the Nguzu Nguzu Primary Curriculum. Wherever possible, learning should be practical and take place outside the classroom in the real world.Β  Where appropriate, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will be used to support the teaching and learning in this unit. You will develop your vocabulary to enhance your language skills in different ways of communication.