Unit Code: EDU606

Unit Title: Teaching and Learning Primary Science

This unit begins by building on the concept of the nature of science, science inquiry and scientific inquiry. Also, the purpose of science education and the development of scientific literacy will be explored. An opportunity will be given to the students to explore teaching science within five broad frames: science as a way of thinking and acting, learning about learning science, teaching as the transformation of knowing science, the engagement of learners and communicating science. The unit prepares students to develop a constructivist approach to teaching science, incorporating strategies such as connecting to children’s prior knowledge, questioning and inquiry learning, hands-on approaches, scientific investigations and learner-owned/learner-centred investigations. The relationship between science, technology and society is explored, and the nature of science as a discipline is considered. Students build an understanding of and demonstrate capacities to plan, teach and assess science learning for Years 1 to 6 using the Solomon Islands Primary Science Curriculum.