Unit Code: EDU602

Unit Title:ย Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice

This unit will introduce teacher trainee to the concepts of curriculum, curriculum designs and curriculum development processes. The unit is designed to assist teacher trainee to understandย  various philosophies and key concepts related to curriculum, the challenges of curriculum design, factors influencing decision-making, and the roles played by various stakeholders in curriculum development. Teacher trainee will be provided exposure to various curriculum development models and theories to enhance their understanding. The unit will be delivered within the context of existing curriculum and the bodies and procedures adopted for curriculum development process in Solomon Islands. The unit will expose teacher trainee to curriculum development, beginning with the construction phase until a curriculum is ready for implementation in schools. They will be provided with real experiences to study and observe different stages of curriculum development in order to enhance their understanding of how a curriculum is developed as a document. They will be given the opportunity to relate the concepts to the Solomon Islands current national curriculum and how they can better teach it to students in classrooms.