Diploma of Nutrition & Dietetics

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed Year 13/Form 7 Science with a B grade in Math, English and Science and a GPA of 2.5

Program Structure

Title:Diploma of Nutrition & Dietetics
Duration: 2 years
Core Units: 20 Units
Total Credit Points: 240
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemester OfferedPrerequisiteCredit Points
Year 1
NUD613Introduction to Human Nutrition212
NUD614Food Science212
NUD631Nutrition Throughout Lifespan212
HAP611Human Anatomy & Physiology 1212
NUD616Literacy, Study Skills & Computing210
NUD632Nutrition & Lifestyle Diseases1NUD63112
NUD615Nutrition Biochemistry1NUD611, NUD613 & NUD61412
NUD634Community Development & Training Methods for Health Professionals1NUD63112
HAP612Human Anatomy & Physiology 21HAP61112
Year 2
NUD633Public Health Nutrition2NUD63212
NUD635Clinical Dietetics 12NUD63412
NUD636Food Services Management 12NUD631, NUD632 & NUD63412
NUD681Basic Applied Physiology212
NUD641Nutrition Practicum 12NUD632, NUD615 & NUD63412
NUD637Food Services Management 21NUD63612
NUD638Clinical Dietetics 21NUD63512
NUD639Developing Community Nutrition Programmes1NUD633 & NUD63512
NUD682Applied Nutrition Research1NUD68112
NUD642Nutrition Practicum 21NUD633, NUD635, NUD636, NUD681 & NUD64112