Diploma of Teaching Primary (In-service)

Admission Requirement

  1. Must hold a Certificate in teaching (primary) from SICHE or a recognized institution (based on SIQF or equivalent) and has a minimum teaching experience of 3 years or more; plus
  2. One work reference and one character reference from the principal, career teacher, or a person in authority.


Course Structure

Course Code: EDPI
Course Name: Diploma of Teaching Primary (In-service)
Duration: 2 years
Core Units:
Total Credit Points:
Campus: Panatina

Unit CodeUnit NamePre-requisiteSemester offeredCredit point
Semester A Units
LA140Preparation for Tertiary Learning110
This unit prepares student teachers for further academic study. A scaffold approach is the model underpinning this course. Through this course, the process of understanding principles of learning, assessment and reflective practice will be developed. This is to help with the academic requirements of any other course. This is the preparatory course for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary student teachers.
LA241Literacy for Learning110
This unit develops an understanding of the critical role of literacy in the teaching and learning of the Solomon Islands primary and Secondary curriculum. It also develops an understanding of how literacy is integral to all curriculum areas and how to use literacy strategies across the Curriculum.
ES203Curriculum & Assessment120
This unit introduces student teachers to the importance of curriculum and assessment. Concepts of curriculum and assessment will be explored to enable student teachers to understand that assessment is an integral part of the education process and that the curriculum sets the direction for learning for all students. Student teachers will also be given the opportunity to relate the concepts to the Solomon Islands current curriculum and how they can better teach it to students in classrooms.
MT155Learning & Teaching Mathematics110
ES104Special Education & Inclusive Practice15
ES106Leadership & Management15
This unit introduces student teachers to different theories of leadership and encourages them to develop their own leadership platform and be able to explain the difference between leadership, management and administration. The course will also assist them to gain knowledge about effective leadership communication and the management of change, reflect on what it means to be a professional and the role of leadership and the community. This course will encourage student teachers to acquire skills on how to manage school systems and be able to view the role of leadership in the wider profession.
Semester B Units
ES200Profession Studies 2ES100220
The unit is intended to allow teacher trainees to think deeper while studying and exploring topics like learning and teaching, motivation, teaching as a relational activity, teaching as interactive learning, management strategies, teachers as reflective practitioners and teaches as ethical professionals. Teacher trainees will during the course synthesize a range of ideas and effectively communicate them both orally and in written form, critique and compare a range of theories, discuss the inter-relationships between theory, research and practice.
ES202Education Issues in Solomon Islands210
This unit introduces the student teacher to political, cultural, social and economic perspectives on education in the Solomon Islands. It will also help student teachers to apply these understanding in classroom practice. Stakeholders involved in the education system in the Solomon Islands are also studied as well as structure of the education under the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development. (MEHRD).
SS113Introduction to Social Studies Skills210
This unit is designed to introduce student teachers to learning important social studies skills and to enable them to apply these skills in a social studies classroom for effective teaching and learning. The unit also explores and enhances student teachersย’ prior knowledge of communication, resource planning, teaching approaches, and assessment methodologies for worthwhile learning in a social studies classroom.
SC124Learning & Teaching Primary Science210
This unit is intended to prepare future primary teachers to meet the challenge of teaching science. The course will focuses practical experiences that will provide the necessary skills and pedagogical understanding an individual will need to be successful as a primary teacher. Areas of study include learning science, planning for science teaching, managing of science teaching, curriculum, content, problem solving and inquiry skills.
SS120Introduction to School Budgeting25
LA146Teaching Phonics25