Diploma of Community Based Rehabilitation

Admission Requirements

  1. High school education of up to the level of form 6 or 7, or
  2. Previous education in CBR and disability studies or related fields
  3. Work experience/employment within CBRU Ministry of Health with recommendation for further studies by the Ministry of Health (National Coordinator CBRU).
  4. Verbal and written skills as per the form 5 education standard.

Program Structure

Code: CBR
Title: Diploma of Community Based Rehabilitation
Duration: 2 years
Core Units: 20 Units
Total Credit Points: 240
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemester OfferedPrerequisiteCredit Point
Year 1
HAP611Foundation in Human Biology112
HAP612Foundations in Body Functions112
CBR631Introduction to Community Based Rehabilitation112
CBR632Professional Practice112
CBR633Social Inclusion & Empowerment A112
CBR671Health Conditions2HAP61112
CBR691Therapy Skills A2HAP611 & HAP61212
CBR634Social Inclusion & Empowerment B2CBR6531 & CBR653312
CBR636Assistive Devices & Building Modifications212
CBR641Fieldwork 12HAP611 & HAP61212
Year 2
CBR635Project Planning & Community Development1CBR631 & CBR63612
CBR637Education & Livelihood1CBR63412
CBR692Therapy Skills B1CBR69112
CBR642Fieldwork 21CBR635 & CBR64112
CBR643Fieldwork 31CBR64112
CBR634Health Promotion and Education212
CBR638Primary Healthcare & Health Promotion2CBR67112
CBR695WHO Wheelchair Service Delivery Training B2CBR63612
CBR6685Health Research Design & Methodology212
CBR644Fieldwork 42CBR641, CBR64312
CBR645Fieldwork 52CBR641, CBR642, CBR643 & CBR64412