Unit Code: BIO703

Unit TitleBiotechnology

Welcome to BIO703 Biotechnology. Biotechnology is the intersection of two broad subjects – Biology and Technology. In simple terms, Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that 2 make use of living organisms or biological systems to develop technological advances in various fields. Basically, Biotechnology seeks to improve the quality of human life and the health of our environment. The BIO703 Biotechnology unit offers the opportunity to learn about the advancement of Biotechnology and, the laws and regulations guiding its operation. BIO703 Biotechnology also gives you the opportunity to enhance your understanding on the fundamental principles underpinning Biotechnology including learning basic laboratory techniques and its applications in various fields, as well as exploring the business aspects of Biotechnology. BI703 Biotechnology is designed that after completing this unit, students should be well versed with laws/regulations guiding Biotechnology, have a good understanding on the principles underpinned Biotechnology and be well versed with applications of Biotechnology. Buckle up for this fascinated journey on learning science advancement and be prepared to work harder and smarter while at the same time having fun.