Unit Code: BIO501

Unit TitleCell Biology

Cell biology is the study structure, chemistry and function of cells and cell organelles. However, first we looked at basic concepts of cell, its history, looking back at those (Scientist) who discover this unique structure that is living. Cell as the basic unit of all living things is emphasized. The two basic cell types, prokaryotic and eukaryotic will be looked at, including the different organelles each of the cells has. However, detail study of bacteria will not be covered in the unit. Mitosis and meiosis cell division will also be considered to some extent, a brief discussion on cell growth and cancer is covered. Also a brief discussion on (special cells). Detail study of cell organelles and their functions will be covered. Cellular respiration, transport in cell, enzyme actions, protein synthesis photosynthesis and cell communication are some of the fundamental processes that will be covered in the unit. Practical session will cover a wide scope of activities to support the theory part.