Bachelor of Teaching Primary

Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Teaching Primary (Pre-service) – Code: EBTP

  • Have complete Form 6, or equivalent, with grade 4 in English and subject of choice; or have successfully completed USP preliminary program with B grade in English and an overall minimum GPA of 2.5 and above.
  • Have completed and passed Foundation Studies or Equivalent; or F7 or Equivalent with a minimum B grade in English and Math, and an aggregate GPA of 2.5 and above ; plus
  • Must pass a selection interview with minimum score of 60% and above.

Bachelor of Teaching Primary (In-service)Code: EBTPI

  • Holds a Diploma in Teaching (Primary) from SICHE or any recognized tertiary institution, with a minimum of 3 or more years of teaching experience in any primary school in the country or the region; plus
  • One work reference and one character reference from immediate supervisor or senior officer from the Education authority; or a person in authority.

Course Structure

Course Code: EBTP
Course Name: Bachelor of Teaching Primary
Duration: 3 Years Pre-service
Core Units:
Total Credit Points:
Campus: Panatina

Unit CodeUnit NamePre-requisiteSemester offeredCredit Point
Year one Semester A
LA451English language for tertiary studies110
ES401Professional Studies 1110
LA461Understanding Basic Grammar110
MA411Numbers and Operations 1110
SS551Introduction to Social Science Skills 115
EA411Creative and Expressive Art 115
SC411Primary Science 115
HP410Health and Physical Education 115
Year one Semester B
TE401Teaching Experience 1210
ES441Human Development210
LA445Writing Skills210
EA512Creative and Visual Art 11 (Visual Art)25
SS554Introduction to Social Science Skills 1125
HP411Health and Physical Education 1125
SC414Education for Sustainable Development25
Year two Semester A
ES514Profession Studies 11None110
ES522Curriculum and Assessment110
MA512Numbers and Operations 11110
LA544Speaking and Listening Skills110
SR511Primary Religious Education15
SS524Culture and Citizenship15
SA511Primary Agriculture15
SC513Primary Science 11115
Year two Semester B
TE502Teaching Experience 11210
ES552Researching Educational Issues in Solomon Islands 1210
LA532Reading and Vocabulary210
EA513Creative and Visual Art 111(Music)25
SS512The Natural Environment25
HP521Health and Physical Education 111 (Health)25
SC513Earth Space25
Year Three Semester One
ES716Professional Studies 111110
ES751Researching Educational Issues in Solomon Islands 11110
Earth Space Science110
SS725Understanding the World110
EA712Creative and visual Art IV (Music)110
HP715Health and Physical Education IV (PE)110
SR722Religious Education 11110
Year Three Semester Two
TE703Teaching Experience 111210
LA722Language and Multilingual Setting210
SC716Science Specialism (6)210
SS726Developments in Solomon Islands210
ES762Inclusive Education210
ES732School Administration210
ES742Counselling and Guidance210
EA712Creative and Visual Art V (Visual Art)210
HP725Health and Physical Education V210
SB532School Budgeting210