Faculty of Business and Tourism Studies

There are two schools which operates under the Faculty of Business, Tourism and Hospitality & Management Studies. The schools are; School of Business & Management and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The School of Business and Management offers Business Accounting, Economics and Management courses. The School of Tourism and Hospitality offers certificate and Diploma courses in Tourism, Hospitality and Travel & Tour. The school is also looking at offering Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Programs in the near future.


School of Business and Management

The school of Business and Management has three departments namely:
1. Department of Accounting
2. Department of Economics Banking
3. Finance and the Department of Management, Public Administration and Entrepreneurship.

The school offers Bachelor, Diploma and certificate programs in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Business Entrepreneurship and Management. We have qualified and experienced staff who are working in each of the department.

The primary objective of the SBM is to train/teach/educate/guide students in the art of Business Administration and the management of people, processes and financial resources. The School offers courses from Certificate to Degree levels. SBM courses cover a wide range of business topics from Typewriting and Basic Computer Skills to Accountancy, Law, Economics, Banking and Finance, Marketing and Management. Graduates from the SBM are highly sought by both Government and private sector Industries across the Solomon Islands.

School of Tourism Hospitality and Management

The Institute of Hospitality and Tourism is currently operating under the School of Business and Managment. The Institute have upgraded their certificate programs to Diploma level and has plans to further upgrade the programs to Degree level... See More

Dean of Faculty (acting)

Mrs. Lilian Haápio