Strives in achieving quality financial management practices


Provide effective and efficient management of financial resources, promoting integrity and accountability through the implementation of best business practices and by linking strategic planning, annual work plan, budgeting, performance reporting and monitoring and evaluation


  • Customer Financial Care;
  • High Level of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity;
  •  Strong Commitment to Transparency and Good Governance;
  • Maintain a high level of integrity;
  • Be prudent and fiscally responsible;
  • Have a high level of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity;
  • Be respectful, responsive, collaborative and cooperative;
  • Have strong, clear and open communication.

Core Functions

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Procurement
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Project Accounting
  • Finance System Support


Department Sections

Finance Division is led by Director of Finance, George Tasra, email: george.tasra@sinu.edu.sb, phone: 30877, and assisted by following Line Managers and Supervisors;

·        Accounts Receivable, Guy Gajabatu, email: guy.gajabatu@sinu.edu.sb

·        Account Payable, June Pomat, email: june.pomat@sinu.edu.sb

·        Procurement, Wesley Taloga, email: wesley.taloga@sinu.edu.sb

·        Fixed Asset Management, Obedson Pina, email: obedson.pina@sinu.edu.sb

·        Financial Accounting, Minton Banisi, email: minton.banisi@sinu.edu.sb

·        Project Accounting, Watson Buare, email: watson.buare@sinu.edu.sb

The Director of Finance is assisted by Secretary, Rose Aukwai, email: rose.aukwai@sinu.edu.sb

Accounts Receivable Team is led by Guy Gajabatu and assisted by following staff;

·        Josephine Ratu, email: josephine.ratu@sinu.edu.sb

·        Ramcey Olisukulu, email: ramcey.olisukulu@sinu.edu.sb

·        Zinnia Leamana, email: zinnia.leamana@sinu.edu.sb

·        Nesther Violo, email: nesther.violo@sinu.edu.sb

·        Madlyn Bulu, email: madlyn.bulu@sinu.edu.sb

Accounts Payable Team is led by June Pomat and assisted by following staff;

·        Enipher Rurubasi, email: enipher.rurubasi@sinu.edu.sb

·        Jesse Pitakaka, email: jesse.pitakaka@sinu.edu.sb

·        Priscillar Talasivo, email: priscillar.talasivo@sinu.edu.sb

Procurement Team is managed by Wesley Taloga and assisted by following staff;

·        Robert Ngarasi, email: Robert.ngarasi@sinu.edu.sb

·        Melody Guurau, email: melody.guurau@sinu.edu.sb

·        Gwen Piokana

Fixed Assets Management Team is managed by Obedson and assisted by following staff;

·        Jerry Hikimanu, email: jerry.hikimanu@sinu.edu.sb

Financial Accounting is led by Minton Banisi, while Project Accounting is led by Watson Buare



Mr. George Tasra