DFL Team

DFL is a dynamic department with 13 permanent staff and 8 temporary Coordinators. The 21 staff spread across Management and Administration, Learner and Center Support, Course Development and Production, and Research and Marketing Sections. Internally we call these sections divisions.


This division looks after the overall affairs and operations of the Center, driving goals, objectives and the policy of the University through the Distance mode.

Martin Otto
Placida Misiga
Administration Officer
Alice Arabola



As the name implies, the division is responsible for the affairs of distance students. The division also manages the centers and sub centers throughout the country. Any establishment of centers and sub centers is the responsibility of the division. The performance and services of Provincial Center Managers and Temporary Coordinators are part of the division’s task.

Maeverlyn Pitanoe
Associate Manager
Makulata Mahoa
Learner Support Officer
Julie Haro
Data and Records Officer
Obed Zutu
Campus Tutor
Boniface Liliu
Assistant Campus Manager - Western Province



The division is made up of mostly instructional designers. The term instructional designer does not really portray what the team does but the team mainly helps with the development of study materials to support distance students. They train writers and markers, simplify raw work from writers and transform them to a much more user-friendly materials where students can easily use in the absence of a tutor or lecturer. For simplicity, their task starts from training writers right through to printing.

Hilmah Mollomb
Associate Manager
John Labuiasi
Instructional Designer
Clive Max
Learning Management Officer



This is another important division within DFL. As products and services for consumers should be driven by consumers, the division is responsible for collecting data to advise what should be provided and developed for distance students. Another important task the staff in the division performs is maintaining quality of courses, delivery and services the university provides through applied research. The division is also responsible for the communications between the Center, students and the public.

Jerry Pakivai
Associate Manager
Allan Kaboa
Research & Communications Officer