The Second Chance Education

The Second Chance Education courses are also called Pathway Certificate Courses. They are called pathway certificates because student can see and follow a path from one qualification to another and not just a dead-end like the normal system.

The two certificate courses of the Pathway Certificate Courses are:

  1. Preparatory Community Studies Certificate (PCSC)

  2. Tertiary Community Studies Certificate (TCSC)

The Preparatory Community Studies Certificate is designed for Form 3 – Form 5 students who have not been able to find spaces in schools to continue their education. PCSC is made of 11 units which will take the student an equivalent to 6 school terms to complete.

The Tertiary Community Studies Certificate is designed for Forms 6 and 7 students who may want to upgrade their marks or grades so that they can continue to further their education. TCSC is made of 7 units which will assist the student to upgrade his/her marks in one of the following streams – Art, Science or Business Studies.

After completing Form 5 in the PCSC, the student can decide to go on to do Form 6 in the TCSC or apply to do a certificate course in SINU or other institutions or go back to the community and to contribute meaningfully to the development of the community.
After upgrading in one of the streams in TCSC, the student can opt to continue on to do degree courses in any universities or return to develop the community. The TCSC student can also apply for scholarships for further studies like the conventional Form 6 and 7 students.

The Pathway Diagram