DFL Campuses and Centers

In most cases Universities do not go down to the people in rural remote places but rather expect and require students to come to the main campus or to urban established campuses for education and training. However, SINU believes that taking its courses for training where people can assess its services is a paramount decision. However, as it is expensive it is partnering with Provincial Governments, Church Authorities, Public Sectors and Private organizations to bring the expense of delivery down.

Since 2016 the University has been consulting stakeholders for a possible partnership and it has signed MOUs with three provinces and two church education authorities.

In 2019 two centers will be given permanent status that will have a Campus Manager each. The centers are:

  1. Western Provincial Center to be located in Munda. This Campus will look after two other sub centers.
    1. Gizo sub center
    2. Nila sub center in the Shortland Islands
  2. Choiseul Provincial Center that will be established in Taro around July 2019 for the Choiseul Province. Choiseul Province has only one sub center, Wagina Sub center.

The other sub centers are:

  1. Lata – Temotu Province
  2. Afio – Malaita Province
  3. Auki – Malaita Province

It is highly likely that a Center will also be established in Buala for the Ysabel Province.